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Published on December 12, 2013 by simon


For those of you who didn’t have the pleasure of reading my last blog, just a very short introduction. My name is Sharon Zieve, I’m married with two kids (yawn) and live in Tel Aviv. While I’m up all night with unsettled babies, tourists and locals are up eating, drinking and frolicking around this wonderful city. Recently I’ve noticed that the tourists of Tel Aviv in no way, shape or form fit the tourist stereotype. These tourists are cool, chic, refined. And at the same time, the depressing reality hit me that I’m no longer in touch with what’s hot or not in Tel Aviv. So I decided to meet Tel Aviv’s tourists and learn from them how to enjoy the city to the max. Tourist number 1 (and 2): meet Amber and her mum Mandy from London. They came to Tel Aviv for a long weekend, to rewind and more importantly to top up their tans before Amber’s wedding. I met them on the beach on a Monday at the start of December. I was dressed like most locals, in jeans, boots and a thin long sleeved top. But low and behold Amber and Mandy were wearing bikinis, lying back on Banana Beach, sipping coffee and lapping up the sun’s rays. ‘Hilarious’, was the first thought that crossed my mind. Surely these people were freezing their butts off just to look golden on their big wedding day. Locals would certainly not be seen on the beach in bikinis in December. But, Amber swore that the beach was beautiful and as I pledged when I set out to write this blog I had to follow the advice of the tourists that I met. So, sure enough, the following weekend, I packed up our bucket and spade, and set off to the beach with my family. Amber and Mandy were absolutely right, what a genius idea! The beach was quiet and the sea sparkled. We didn’t have to skip over the sand to avoid it burning our feet like you do during the Israeli summer or worry about slapping on sun cream every other minute. The kids had a ball (a beach ball and in the metaphorical sense) and my husband and I could relax without worrying about dehydration, sun burn and all the other beach related things that responsible parents are supposed to worry about. So thank you Amber and Mandy, for a truly wonderful tip. I think we’ll head back to the beach on ! Beach Photo 1

“Even Mr.Blobby can be found in the Med in the winter months”

s” Beach Photo 3

“People of all ages basking in the sun”

Beach Photo 2

“Hubby and daughter enjoying the beach”

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