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Terms and Conditions

A. All Bookings made for occupation of a Property are subject to these Terms and Conditions. By making a Booking, the Ordering Party and any other occupants of the Property expressly accept, jointly and severally, these Terms and Conditions and will be bound by them.

B. Details of the Parties to the Agreement, Property, License Period, License Fee and other specific terms are recorded in the Booking Form issued by “Stay at My Place” as Agent for the Owner of the Property.

C. All payments due under these Terms and Conditions and/or License Agreement shall be made by Debit or Credit Card.

D. To the extent not specified in the Booking Order Form, the following Terms and Conditions of this License Agreement apply:
1.1 The License Agreement is made as of the day of the Booking Form between the Owners specified in the Booking Form (“the Owners”) acting by their Agent “Stay at My Place” (“the Agent”) and the Guest or Guests specified in the Booking Form (jointly and severally: “the Guest”).

1.2 The Owners are the proprietors and have exclusive possession rights in respect of the residence located at the address specified in the Booking Form, together with the furniture fittings and other items in the residence (together: “the Property”).

1.3 On the basis of these Terms and Conditions, and the Booking Form, the Owner is willing to grant the Guest a license to occupy the Property (“the License”) for a limited period beginning and ending on the dates specified in the Booking Form (“the License Period”).

1.4 The License does not constitute a Tenancy of any kind. In particular, the terms of the Tenant’s Protection Law (Consolidated Version) 1972 or any other law modifying it will not apply to the License or the occupation of the Property, and the Guest will not be protected by any Tenants Protection Laws.

1.5 Expressions stated in these Terms and Conditions in the singular shall include the plural; expressions in the masculine form shall include feminine form and vice versa.

1.6 In case of conflict between the express terms of the Booking Form and these Terms and Conditions, the Booking Form terms shall prevail.
2.1 The Owner grants to the Guest and the Guest accepts from the Owner the License in respect of the Property for the License Period, subject to fulfillment by the Guest of these Terms and Conditions and the terms of the Booking Form.

2.2 The Guest shall pay for the License the amount specified in the Booking Form (“the License Fee”), in advance and in full or otherwise in conformity with these Terms and Conditions. The License Fee includes all Council Taxes and Utility payments, – excluding electricity supply, unless specified in the Booking Form.

2.3 On making a Booking for a Property, the Guest shall secure payment to the Agent of a deposit by Debit/Credit card equivalent to 25%, but a minimum of $500 (or other amount specified in the Booking Form) on account of the License Fee.

2.4 The Booking and the License shall not become effective until receipt by the Agent of Debit/Credit Card details and confirmation by the Credit Card Issuer of security for the Deposit, and also for (a) electricity consumption, (b) additional expenses agreed by the guest, (c) Security Fee for damage to the Property during the License Period, (d) cleaning charges on the guest vacating the Property.
3. The Guest specifically agrees as follows:

3.1 If he gives Written Notice to the Agents cancelling the License (“Cancellation Notice”) which the Agents receives 31 days or more prior to the start of the License Period, the Guest shall pay an amount equivalent to 12.5% of the License Fee, but a minimum of $250.

3.2 If he gives Cancellation Notice received by the Agent 30 days or less prior to the start of the License Period, the Guest shall pay an amount equivalent to 25% of the License Fee, but a minimum of $500.

3.3 He shall pay the full License Fee prior to the beginning of the License Period. If the Guest gives Cancellation Notice which is received by the Agent before the beginning of the License Period and after paying the full License Fee, then the Guest shall be entitled to cancellation and release of the Debit/Credit Card Security.

3.4 The Agent shall not be liable for cancellation of the License or for termination of any part of the License Period resulting from force majeure and/or any factor beyond its control.
4. The sole purpose of this License is the temporary occupation of the Property for holiday purposes for Guest, and for no other purpose.
5. The Guest also agrees as follows:

5.1 He confirms that he is fully satisfied with the Property and its location, and waives any claim against the Owners and/or the Agent for any defect in the condition of the Property or access to it.

5.2 He will not transfer or give or share occupation of the Property or any part of it to any other person, nor permit any other person into occupation of the Property. In addition, he will not register any business, company or other entity at the Property or its address, nor permit any other person to do so.

5.3 To use the Property with care and prevent any breakage or damage to the Property or any part of it.

5.4 To immediately repair any damage and/or breakage caused to the Property by the Guest and/or his visitors, at the Guest’s own expense.

5.5 To secure due repair of any damage and/or breakage, the Guest will provide by Debit/Credit guarantee to the Agent prior to, and a condition of, the start of the License Period, a sum equivalent to 25% of the License Fee (“the Security Fee”). On conclusion of the License Period and returning possession of the Property back to the Agent in the same condition as at the start of the License Period, and full payment of all charges and expenses due from the Guest, the Security Fee (or balance of it) shall be released to the Guest.

5.6 Not to bring into the Property or permit any other person to do so, any dangerous, hazardous or illegal items, material or substances of any kind.

5.7 Not to do anything which is or may cause a nuisance to neighbours or occupiers of the surrounding area.

5.8 Not to make any alterations or additions whatever to the Property, nor install any antenna, satellite or communications equipment on the exterior of the Property or of the building of which the Property forms part.

5.9 To give immediate notice to the Agent in respect of any defect occurring in the Property; if caused by the Guest then to immediately repair or replace the damage at his own expense.

5.10 To comply with all laws and regulations relating to occupation of the Property.

5.11 To permit the Agent and any other authorized person on their behalf to enter the Property at any reasonable time, on prior notice, in order to examine its condition, to inspecting conformity with these Terms and Conditions, and also for the purpose of showing the Property to any interested parties.

5.12 Not to smoke or permit any others to smoke in or around the Property, nor permit pets, animals or birds into the Property.

5.13 Not to permit any illegal substances, dangerous or inflammable items in the Property.

5.14 On expiration or earlier termination of the License Period (however terminated) to vacate the Property and leave the same in good and clean condition (excluding fair wear and tear); to remove all refuse and rubbish from the Property and deposit it in the refuse facilities provided.

5.15 If the Guest fails to vacate the Property at the end of the License Period or its earlier lawful termination, then the Guest will pay an additional sum equivalent to US$250 for every day of delay, without derogating from the rights and remedies available to the Owner and/or the Agent by Law.

5.16 In addition, if the Guest fails to vacate the Property at the end of the License Period or its earlier lawful termination, then without prejudice to any other rights or remedies available to them, the Owner and/or the Agent shall be entitled (without Notice) to remove from the Property any items belonging to the Guest or other Third Party or change the locks and prevent access to the Property, and permit any other persons into occupation of the Property with immediate effect.  Neither the Owner nor the Agent shall have any responsibility or liability for items removed from the Property as above.

5.17 To pay charges for all cleaning and clearing of all the Property following the Guest vacating same.
6.1 The Guest shall be exclusively responsible for all loss and damage (whether bodily or personal damage) occurring to the Guest, his invitees or any other person in the Property or its vicinity during the License Period.

6.2 The Guest shall indemnify the Owners and the Agent and hold them harmless for any amount incurred by any of them or claimed against any of them, or for any liability whatever for matters referred to in the preceding sub-Paragraph, except for loss and damage resulting from neglect of the Owner or the Agent before or during the License Period.
7.1 Israel Law shall apply to the License Agreement, these Terms and Conditions and the Booking Form, and all matters arising out of them.

7.2 Any differences and disputes relating to these Terms and Conditions, the License Agreement or the Booking Form, or arising from them, shall be referred exclusively to the Courts of Tel-Aviv/Jaffa and the Owner, Agent and Guest irrevocably submit themselves to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of such Courts, without prejudice to the right of the Owner and/or the Agent to pursue and enforce any claim against the Guest in any other Court in any other country.
8. By completing a Booking for the Property, the Guest confirms that he has read and understood all these Terms and Conditions, irrevocably accepted them and each of them, and will fully and promptly comply with them.